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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 7, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

12:00 am name a town if you wish to opine. when writing the factor, do not be a pettifogger. please remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: after a fiery first encounter last weekend. new york democratic congressman anthony weiner and minnesota gop congresswoman michelle bachmann are back for round two. this time the gloves are coming off. >> we the people of the united states, in order to
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t(u union -- >> sean: republicans take to the floor to give the house a constitutional refresher democrats called the act total nonsense. >> what they care about most are jobs and the economy. >> sean: from attacking the repeal of health care to casting the freshmen gop as hypocrites our weekly round up of the most outrageous obamamania media bias. >> it is me versus the cowardly alec. this time baldwin has his younger doing the 30 -- doing the dirty work. 30 rock? more like 30 wimp. >> a lot of angst the was building before john boehner officially took the gavel. over the weekend new york congressman anthony weiner squared off with minnesota congresswoman michelle
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bachmann on face the nation. they join me in just a moment. first let's watch their exchange. it seemed to showcase the democrats' sour attitude about the new gop majority. >> republicans have come in saying they are going to not raise the debt ceiling and allow the full faith and credit of the american people go down the tubes. it is their ship to run now this is adult game now. >> congress has had a big party the last two years. they couldn't spend enough money. now they are folding their arms saying, taunting us, how are you going to solve this big spending crisis. it is not good for anyone to shut the government down. that's why i think it is important for democrats who are so willing to spend money to now be a part of trying to figure out how we can be responsible. >> sean: at issue whether to repeal the democrats' health care bill, where to cut congressional spending and how to get the country back on course.
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joining me for round two are democratic congressman weiner, republican congresswoman back man. guys welcome back. >> thank you. >> sean: congressman, let's start with the debt ceiling, are you going to vote to raise it or not? >> depends what the bill looks like. i'm not inclined to do it if the republicans will use the extra money to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires, repeal the health care bill which cost the treasury 1.2beyond. they have irresponsible policies i'm to facilitate them. >> sean: this is important. we have debt out of control, ing out of control. the american people say the economy is their number one issue. if we can cut enough spending, would you be supportive of that? >> depends on where the cuts are. i'm going to stand up for values i believe my constituents believe in, protecting social security and medicare, making sure benefits are protected, middle class protected.
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they want to use the money to give tax cuts to billionaires so costs for health care guess up across the country i'm going to be a no. >> sean: think we are putting the u.s. government at risk if we don't raise the debt ceiling? >> that's what i'm told. >> sean: you peeve that. let's go back to 2006, i'll put up it up on the soon, the words of then senator barack obama when he said the fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. a sign that the u.s. government can't pay its own bills. america has a debt problem and failure of leadership. americans deserve better. he voted not to raise the debt ceiling. did he back in 2006 not support the full faith and credit of the u.s. government? >> this is a question you should ask john bane -- john boehner, >> you got anthony weiner in 2010.
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>> sean: i don't know the president is going to like to hear you are a better interview. >> why don't you have him on and ask him. >> sean: he's welcomed any place, anywhere. you just said it is irresponsible. barack obama did this in 2006, was he irresponsible then? >> i've already answered what i think about the debt limit right now. the person you should be directing this question to congresswoman back man and her party. they in charge. if it is a responsible bill that makes sense that shows a plan if get things under control, i'll consider voting for it if it is the same policies they've had recently, tax cuts for billionaires, then i'm a no. i don't know what more i can tell you. >> sean: congresswoman back man it is irresponsible now -- congresswoman bachmann, it was irresponsible now but it want then.
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your reaction? >> seven months ago we had the debt ceiling group to 13 trillion in a brief seven month's time we've overspent so much under nancy pelosi's watch. now we are looking to being forced to have to raise the debt ceiling again. this is the 10th time in 10 years. it is as if viewers go out and spend too much on their credit card and ask the credit card company, just raise the limit that i can spend. we aren't making any principle payments, only interest. we can't go down that road. my staff and i have sat down, we've come up with about 450 billion dollars worth of cuts. i would invite also my colleague anthony weaner to sit down with his staff and come up with cuts as well. let's all put green eyeshades on. they were only too willing to spend money for the four years under nancy pelosi. now it is time to get real and come up with the cuts. because we can't see ourselves
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in six, seven months from now, also increasing the debt limit again. at a certain point we won't be able to keep up with our interest-only payments this is insane. we can't do this to the next generation. >> sean: congressman weiner since nancy pelosi was speaker the company accumulated 5.2 trillion in new debt, since barack obama's been president. do you not see a problem with that type of reckless spending? >> hold on, before you move on, did i hear congresswoman bachmann say she is no on raising the debt limit? >> i am. >> i missed it, how come you didn't pepper her with questions about her responsibility? >> sean: because i don't think it is irresponsible. a get with her. >> i get it. go ahead, what is your question. >> sean: poor anthony weiner he's having such a tough time. >> i thought you were also voting no on raising the debt
12:08 am
ceiling. >> right and sean is telling me how irresponsible i am. i guess he doesn't think you are. >> sean: you didn't say for sure you were voting against raising it. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: you wouldn't say it was irresponsible when barack obama didn't vote to do it. >> it seems the majority party who was very successful two years being the party of no is now charge. michelle bachmann's party gets the chance now to say what their proposal is. maybe her 400 billions worth of cuts i'll agree with, maybe i won't. i'm curious, if she doesn't get those cuts she is a no, right? isn't she the majority and speak for her colleagues. they seem to want to be in control but they don't want any of the responsibility. >> anthony, if i could ask a question directly of anthony weiner. i sat down with my staff and did the hard work of coming up with 450 billion in potential
12:09 am
cuts for discussion. these are painful cuts, sacrificial. i would ask, have you don't that same exercise? what have you don't with your staff? have you come up with cuts? >> it is interesting, -- >> yes or no? >> let me answer your question. recently, i voted a bill that added 850 billion. so i'll raisia, 850 billion dollars that i -- so i'll raise ya, 850 billion dollars that i said i wouldn't go along with. next week are you going to add 1.2 trillion to the debt by voting to repeal health care? is that a yes many [ talking over each other ] >> let's remember how cbo works. these are numbers that the democrats gave to the cbo. if it is garbage in, it is garbage out. we know that's what those numbers were with cbo. >> sean: hang on!
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i asked you a specific question. >> before we go -- >> sean: let me ask the question. in the four years nancy pelosi was speaker she accumulated 5.2 trillion in debt, 3.2 trillion was during barack obama's first two years. the country now is 14 trillion in debt many you just had the biggest electoral midterm loss in 70 years. are you not listening to what the american people are telling you? >> i think the debt and deficit is a huge problem. i was expensive digging out from the policies of president bush. >> for heaven's sake sean, that is ridiculous. i have a chart. >> is that a cbo chart? >> this is a cbo chart. >> that's what i thought. >> this was debt accumulated under president bush this is the debt under barack obama. barack obama accumulated four times the debt of george bush. i think we need to put to bed
12:11 am
that canard that somehow barack obama was trying to dig out from under george bush. barack obama created a tsunami of debt that's why just a few short weeks ago the american people repealed nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. two years from now we will repeal barack obama as president of the united states. that's the only way we'll finally repeal obama care. >> so congresswoman bachmann just said in the course of two questions, you can't believe what cbo says and here look at my chart based on cbo. >> sean: wait a minute, those are the real numbers. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we have to take a break. we will come back. more with congresswoman bachmann and congressman weiner in a moment. >> father of the year alec baldwin and his brother steven angry at little old me.
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what has upset them? we'll find out, straight ahead. >> we the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect -- union establish justice and tranquility provide for the common defense promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity ordain and establish this
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>> every bill which shall have passed the house of representatives and the senate shall before it become a law be presented to the president of the united states. if he approves he shall sign it. if not, he shall return it. with his objections to that house in which it shall have originated. >> sean: that was the 112th congress reading the constitution allowed on the house floor today. the act was intended as a signal that the laws passed by this congress will be grounded in that document. a very drastic change from the legislation signed into law over the last two years. we continue with two members of the new congress. congresswoman bachmann and congressman weiner. this is too important an issue. this president has accumulated more debt, record deficits than any other president in the history of this country. 3.2 trillion. nancy pelosi provided over 5.2 trillion debt.
12:16 am
i don't care about cbo, i worry about a country where we are put up withing our society and ruining opportunity for our kids. i would think as a democrat, that you would be concerned about their future. >> yeah. absolutely. that's why next week, we are going to have a chance to vote on a bill that will either add 1.2 trillion to our debt or not. we just passed the rules package by republicans that took away a pay as you go and replaced every piece of health care legislation, 20% of our economy. doesn't sound serious to me. can i finish my answer, the reason why this is important, repealing health care is a huge budget buster according to, wait for it, the cbo. the same agency that michelle bachmann just referred to in her chart. >> sean: let me give you facts. your statement about this 115 billion dollars is misleading. the law was written to measure
12:17 am
10 year taxes to offset six years of new spending. we pay taxes for four years before this kicks in. >> not true. >> sean: democrats, you strip costly provisions included in the initial cbo score enacted them separately to add hundreds of billions to the deficit, hiding spending, does not reduce spending, misleading. number three, to be clear, the dispute is not with the cbo as much as what the democrats put in front of them legislation that was packed with smoke and mirrors, hiding the true cost of health care in secretive accounting deceptive ways. congresswoman bachmann i would assume the republicans will be answering the question that way. >> you will see that. just think in terms of common sense. this pill was intended to add 30 million more people to the rolls of government subsidized health care without them paying very much in. doesn't it make sense that is
12:18 am
going to cost the treasury a lot of money, if you add people in and givingm3[[ them another free benefit? that's what this bill was about. the american people were resounding the more they learned about obama care, the more they want it repealed. we are going to do what the people want, repeal this unconstitutional >> bill:. never forget for the first time this bill putting -- puts a mandate on every person as a condition of citizenship they must buy health insurance. not that they want. that the government tells them they have to purchase this is an unconstitutional bill. we are doing the will of the people and we are going to repeal it. >> sean: congressman weiner, you want to spoken? >> let me start by correcting your explanation of what the cbo scores means. that's why i give you a 20 year number, 1.2 trillion not six or 10 years. your idea, we are starting
12:19 am
right now, seniors getting help with their prescription drug coverage. congresswoman bachmann misunderstands the idea the uninsured are getting health care now and we are all paying in the most expensive way possible if you provide subsidies to get ran the costs go down because we are aggregating risk. as far as this know of government takeover subsidies to buy private insurance policies like the ones all three of us have. this government takeover idea is to save states like minnesota a lot of money. if she doesn't believe minnesota should save that money i maybe she should ask the cbo how much -- >> sean: congresswoman? >> it is interesting. what he is talking about are unfunded mandates. mandates that the government puts on people, forcing them to buy insurance that they don't necessarily want. again, what you're suggesting is moving away from personal responsibility.
12:20 am
that's what got us into this problem in the first place. >> that's not true. >> people -- [ talking over each other ] >> congresswoman bachmann, if someone doesn't have insurance and they are hit by a bus in minnesota who pays the bill? us! this is a policy that requires them to take responsibility so you and i don't pay. >> sean: social security, government is put up withed, headed for insolvency -- >> the giant surplus in social security, you are wrong. >> sean: relax. it is schedule to go bankrupt. >> it is not scheduled to go bankrupt. >> all the surplus in social security is a big vault stuffed with iou notes. there's not one dime sitting in there. >> are you surprised to learn congresswoman bachmann we don't have a room filled with -- >> future labor of the
12:21 am
generations that are yet unborn. >> sean: my last question to you congressman weiner, it is bankrupt in social security, medicare is bankrupt. 14 trillion in debt. we to raise the debt ceiling. you want to add a new tax and a new entitlement. why do you have so much faith in the government? >> first of all, i want to say, the idea, i understand congresswoman bachmann wants to know -- >> sean: can you answer the question. >> we have a trust fund for social security, it is nowhere near going bankrupt it in a giant surplus. if you repeal the health care reform bill, you shorten the life of medicare by 10 years. that's something michelle bachmann supports and anthony weiner opposes because i stand up for the middle class. >> you stand up for bankruptcy anthony. >> am i relaxed enough for you sean? >> sean: if we stay on this path we will be bankrupt.
12:22 am
good to see you, thank you for being with us. >> a number of democrats oned to the reading of the constitution today in the house. one call it total nonsense. heated debate on this unbelievable story, straight ahead. >> the congress shall have power to collect taxes, duties impose and excise to pay debts and provide for common defense and provide for common defense and general welfar everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] the u.s. government may soon require brake override technology on all new cars and trucks. at nissan, think this is a good idea. so we did it...
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>> i think an important moment in this congress for us to read the constitution, but i do think you can't just read it like a speech then leave skid marks on it in your legislative record. >> i'm stunned anyone would
12:27 am
come out against what went on in the house today. speaks volumes just how differently those on the left view this great nation. in my mind unbelievable. here with reaction is jay seculo and former special council for president bill clinton. >> i said that in a complimentry way. >> you did. thank you. >> let's go to comments of jerry nadler. total nonsense, propaganda? your reaction? >> yes. >> and who are you asking? >> you, the liberal. >> jerry nadler is a great friend of mine but very no offense to reading the constitution. parts of it are not things we'd agree with like the part of the constitution we don't like. but the first amendment, fourth amendment, the five amendment, the bill of rights,
12:28 am
and certainly reminding us of the separate of powers. >> and the beauty of think "our framers and founders is that they put in place this document where they had ability to right wrongs and correct injustices and throughout the prisism of history, we can see they were proven right. >> and lenny is acting the 14th and 15th amendment weren't part of the constitution. sure. there are thing that's need to be changes. the brilliance of the founders is not that they got everything right at the outset, they did a fantastic job. interest tl is no other place in the world like it. what they did understand is that there is an amendment process. you can change the constitution through a procedure set forth in that document that. is what happened. the thing i'm concerned about is, and i don't think lenny is
12:29 am
in this camp at all. i don't want to tar him with this in any way. the thing i'm concerned about is that some lochbt acted like they're embarrassed or embarrassed about america's exceptional role. i would put our constitution against any other governing document of any other country in the world and we carry the day. the day with the law because flaws can be corrected. how many countries have an amendment process to their constitution? not many. the value is that we teach in civics and i hope we still do this. the value of the constitution. it's good for congress to read it, too. >> sean: jay, you've argued probably a dozen times before the u.s. supreme court right? >> yes. yes sir. >> and justice if justice thomas or whoever was was were to say to you tell me where that is the constitution application is. would you cite the original
12:30 am
constitution or ratified constitution? because it does provide process of ratification? >> ratified constitution because that is the constitution which we'd be litigating. the first question you'd get asked and this happens a lot in almost every case. here is what happens. they'll say what pro vision are you relie nongt constitution? you have to be able to answer him. you can't say that is not really relevant. you answer the question our government structure operates under the idea and kons september that specific powers are in that constitution that. is how you work. >> i'm curious to the response. you don't seem to acknowledge all of the changes that have taken place. i hate to -- in the program for contention. i agree with every word jay just said. not only do a agree with him, but i think that brilliance of the constitution is that the
12:31 am
framers themselves said it was an evolutionary document that would have to reflect modern, changing times. and the good debate between conservatives and liberals and sometimes i'm pretty conservative whit comes to strict construction. sometimes liberal whit comes to expansive construction is that that is the debate the framers intended us and a healthy debate. it's just shouldn't be looked at a sacred, immutable text. i'm not afraid and i'm glad they read the constitution that is a statement from jerry is a shame. i don't believe he really mean that's. >> i do. >> the document upon which he's serving. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. jay, wait a minute. >> we should be proud of it why would you not take him at his word? i believe he meant every word of that. >> that is a sad state of affairs if there is a situation where members of
12:32 am
congress think the document is laughable or not important. if that is the case we're in deeper trouble i thought. >> we agree holding it up as a sacred text which is jerry's point is neither one of aus agrees with. i think jerry nadler is as proud of the constitution as the four of us are. >> sean: he's had days to retract the statements and he hasn't done it. guys thanks for being with us. >> thanks sean. >> sean: coming up, how the main stream media is putting their liberal spin on the new session of congress. and the baldwin brothers have a bone to pick with yours, truly and more, coming up. >> congress shall make no law respecting an splishment of religion or prohibiting free exercise therefore. or abridging freedom of speech or the press or the right of the people, peace bli to assemble. inter's out of ink.
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the second amendment well regulated militia necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be an fringed. >> sean: what a moment on capitol hill today congress took turns reciting the u.s. constitution. tonight the 112th congress edition of media mash. we expose the most outrageous exams -- examples of how
12:36 am
liberal bias is portrayed. especially as it relates to the new republican house. here with us brent breaux zell many welcome back. how are you? >> happy new year. >> sean: let's go over the courtroom. one show in this example. "good morning america", boehner versus pelosi. let's roll the tape. >> when this new speaker moves, she moves fast. nancy pelosi says, power not handed to you, you have to know how to win it. when she walks into a room she is quiet, polite. her fellow politicians say she is galvanized steel with a smile. >> boehner is a man with many sides. harsh partisan. at times looks like the weeper of the house. >> i spent my whole life, chasing the american dream. >> sean: glowing report on nancy pelosi in 2007. what a different take in 2011.
12:37 am
>> oh boy. if you are going to look at emotions, let's be honest, we saw it yesterday. have you ever seen a more dishonest smile in your life than what nancy pelosi has. i practice it, try talking this way, try it, you can't do it more than five seconds unless it is surgically i am ed. this woman does it all day. if you are going to talk about emotions why not talk about this woman's false smile. >> sean: this is the same show. nancy pelosi walks in a room she moves fast. you know how to win it when she walks in a room, quiet, polite, galvanized steel with a smile. he's a weeper in-house. hell no you can't, harshly partisan. look at the difference! >> she's not! probably sin most radical left wing speaker in the his -- probably -- but not partisan. >> sean: the repeal of health care is big.
12:38 am
nbc, abc and cbs. see if you sense pious. >> american voters in the midterm -- what they care about most are jobs and the economy. why go down this path that almost feels like an act of revenge on the part of the republican party? >> if republicans decide they are going to spend the first six months going over and debating the individual mandate or obama care, whatever they want to call it, i think that is not going to sit well with the electorate. >> one of the things the tea party has talked about is decision mantling health care. we are wondering if -- dismanhattan long health care. we wondering if at the end of the day that ends up being a fools errand. >> sean: no bias, no agenda by the media. >> where have these people been the last two years? what was this election about? it was about the american people repudiated -- repudiating this power grab
12:39 am
and demanding the electorate do something. over 60% of the public wants the number does nothing but grow. they saul it a fool's errand. this is the beginning -- they call it a fool'ser ran this is the beginning of spin control. >> sean: diane sawyer goes into the issue of whether or not the new gop are spending hypocrites. >> democrats have a challenge for the republicans. saying if you are going to cut spending, get and start close to home. congresswoman of missouri more than 750,000 in taxpayer's subsidies for her farm. are you ready to vote all farm subsidies 20 billion buy one estimate. on the promise to repeal health care reform democrats asked will they be giving up their new taxpayer subsidized insurance? only two said they would. >> sean: reaction?
12:40 am
>> i'm all in favor of holding the republicans accountable for their spending, after the bush years. but, the last people who are any right to do that are the national media. folks, where were you over the last two years while 5.3 trillion was added to the national debt? this is interesting that interview took place, members had been in office for six hours. she was interviewed before she took office. >> sean: i still can't over we had this this last segment about the constitution and reading it -- by the way, which has never been done. obviously, i think the american people liked it. i like the idea saying you propose a bill tell us where applicable in the constitution, e relevant. look at how the media handles this nbc and "washington post". >> when republicans take over next book they will do something that has never been done in the 221 year history
12:41 am
of , they are going to read the constitution allowed. is this a gimmick? >> yes. you can say two things, it has no pwaoeupding power on anything. the issue of the -- the issue with the constitution is the text is confusing because it was written more than 100 years ago. what people believe it says differs from person-to-person depending on what they want to get done. >> sean: more than 100 years ago. [ laughing ] >> 223 years ago that's why it is really confusing. it wasn't confusing until people from time manage soon tried to read it. it is probably the most concise document in the history of the republic. probably the most brilliant legislative document in the history of man. yet the "time" magazine people don't understand it, because it is more than 100-years-old.
12:42 am
it's big words. >> sean: yes it does at times. time to check in with get that van susteren for a sneak peek. i know one of your guests. we put it in the corner, senator john mccann is coming on tonight. >> greta: this long list, yeah, you it right. senator kyl, congressman ryan from wisconsin. dan barn, general bob scales is here his roommate was murdered. terrible story. and we have so much more. >> sean: greta is coming up in 18 minutes. our great american panel. the baldwin are mad at me, we'll talk about that coming up tphefpblgts.
12:43 am
>> no warrant shall issue upon probable cause particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or
12:44 am
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the sixth amendment in all criminal prosecutions the
12:46 am
accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed which district shall have been previously as takened by law. >> sean: he's a columnist with the "wall street journal" john fund. chief executive officer of concerned women for america, penitence is back. he was an adviser on -- pen nancne is back and joe trippi. i ran into steve baldwin before christmas. he and his daughter were here. i mentioned on radio, this is all i said: i ran into steven baldwin and his daughter, lovely girl. steven is a very strong christian advocate, and he had called me because alec baldwin and i had a couple of run ins
12:47 am
>> you no talent pwhaoep bleep >> sean: that was one. i went after him when the whole daughter thing came up. he said hannity you are a christian you gotta forgive my brother. i said well i agree. i don't hold any resentment, hostility. i said i have nothing against your brother. to make a long story short. we had a big tight in 2006. he was hosting a show on our flagship station in new york. i call in with mark levin he walks out of a studio of a show he's hosting, meaning alec baldwin. >> why would i come on a show with a no talent construction lack like you. -- hack like you. >> are the reckless third rate hollywood actor that said tkeupbg cheney is a terrorist, are you the guy? >> yes. >> are you the guy that said our president is a cioa mass
12:48 am
murderer? -- cia mass murderer. >> sean: he writes my producer and said that's it, game on. he, meaning i will regret starting off the new year. he to the "new york post" and reports the story. >> it is finance any. -- it is funny. a great feud. >> sean: i have alec baldwin's rant about his daughter. i'm not going to run it tonight. if this keeps up, i'm going to run it. he says he's running for office. i think his past is fair game. would that be fair if i did run it? >> i don't know. i understand why steven wants to support his brother. i'm glad he loves his brother. i'm curious why the alec baldwin is still in this country didn't he promise if bush won he would leave. why is he still here? i don't get it.
12:49 am
>> don't be cruel to dumb animals or dumb actors. let it go. >> sean: now you are going to be in the "new york post" tomorrow. i'm thinking about having al baldwin, talk show host of the year, father of the year, parent of the year, husband of the year. i might do a series on this. if he's gonna say game on and say to me, i'm going to regret, this i'm going to fight back. fair? >> i think we are going to see more of this. >> sean: gallup poll department crate tick party id drops to the lowest level. what is going on? >> same think we saw in with the republicans. both parties are losing, democrats more than independents this year
12:50 am
. >> four out of 10 are rejecting major parties. the tea party is becoming the third force. 40% walked into the polls november second and said they identified with the tea party. >> sean: opinion any are you as convinced as i am when boehner gives back the plan they eliminate earmarks they talk about going back to 2008 spending levels, when they read the constitution, do you think they are showing the tea party exactly what the tea party wants to hear. >> i've met with chairman and said this is the time for boldness. you have -- this is not a democrat or republican thing, sean. i think this was an issue election. someone did a poll with kellyanne conway. we found the issues were
12:51 am
economy 75% and moral values. that number for women was 64% moral values. >> this is really about -- the tea party was about a rejection of both parties. >> sean: no it want was a rejection of obama. >> the republican party under bush did all the spending. there was no fiscal -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: 5.2 trillion under pelosi in new debt. >> i'm not saying that is not true i'm saying it was true under both parties. >> one party the message. >> sean: that's a big difference. as bad as the bush deficit in the last year with the republican congress, obama quadrupled it. >> hopefully, both parties have gotten the message. 63 democrats followed obama off the cliff this last
12:52 am
election. >> sean: we have to take a whew! these sure are challenging times. whoa! with a diamondweave texture at's soft and more durable, no wonder it holds up better. fewer pieces left behind. charmin ultra strong.
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12:55 am
>> sean: we have state police in pennsylvania agree to top citing the public for cursing as part of a settlement in a free speech lawsuit brought by the aclu. pennsylvanians ticketing for cursing at swerving motorcyclist, market ticket issuer, by the way they deserve to be cursed at. they drive me nuts. i'm just kidding, you don't deserve to do that. what do you think? free speech? >> you yell at your toilet, you should be allowed to yell at your toilet. >> you paid for it. >> sean: it might have been part of a government stimulus. >> maybe stupid. i don't understand what is wrong with it.
12:56 am
>> a couple of things. first, civility is important to the public discourse. all the way back to george washington in his 101 standards -- hang on. in your car sure in the face of a cop i'm not sure. what is up with the aclu. it is okay in public to use god's name as long as you put an expletive at the end of it. but you cannot use god's name sincerely and reverently and it be okay with them. >> sean: interesting point trippi, your response? >> i don't have a response to that. >> sean: that point was too good. >> look, i think freedom religion, freedom of speech. these are the -- aclu -- aclu makes a living off of suing schools and small communities in knoxville, 10 ten because the public wants to talk about
12:57 am
their faith. [ unintelligible ] >> any organization that protects people's rights to yell at their toilet is okay by me. >> sean: the administration is lost -- has lost their economic team. i'm missing robert gibbs already. william daley is going to be the new white house chief of staff. he's got connections to fannie mae one of the many in the administration. good choice, bad choice, john? >> a year ago william daley was the first democrat who warned the obama administration they were moving too far left and said they risked electorate disaster, he was right. obama has extended all bush tax cuts, including on upper income earners. he's gotten right rid of a lot of liberals and hired william daley leading voice for moderation brother of the
12:58 am
mayor of chicago who started obama's political career. sounds like obama has abandoned much of his policies in the lastovvn two ys and falling back on the chicago machine roots. >> sean: pushed don't ask, don't tell, the dream act. show me where there's been a significant shift in his opinion? i don't think he had any choice about the tax agreement. >> i think he recognizes he doesn't have choice. i think he's moving to symbolic issues to placate the left. on economics i think you are going to see a lot of regulation pushed through. the cosmetics far more moderate. >> get ready for the left -- >> no. >> corporate socialism, i guess. >> this is about the run up to the election and being able to raise money from uber rich nors. how many months ago the chamber of commerce was call
12:59 am
the axis of evil. >> he's a message for the democratic donors, we are not going to be so far left we are going to scare the wall street people. >> we need your money. >> the problem with daley is not much of a difference. >> i think that was one of the first mistakes obama made coming in. i've said that from the beginning. o is in good move for him either the electorate point of view it is great, moving right. >> sean: i don't see the move to the right. i think he's going to be forced on issues like the debt ceiling. he has no choice. congress controls the purse strings. this new congress, if they adhere to the proms they made, they are going to demand -- to the promises they made, they are going to demand spending cuts, i don't think he can stop it. >> he gains by that. >> sean: but it is not him, his principles.